All are welcome at our table.

The Des Moines Intentional Eucharistic Community (DMIEC) gathers weekly to share and celebrate our faith in spirited and creative liturgy. Our Eucharistic prayer services are rooted in Catholic tradition, but we recognize that each of us can better know our own faith through insights drawn from others. We value inclusivity: inclusive language, inclusive homilies, and inclusive prayer leadership.

Worship format

Although our worship format varies somewhat from season to season and at the option of each week’s prayer leaders, the following general format is used on most Sundays:

    • Welcoming remarks by volunteer prayer leaders
    • Opening song and blessing
    • Opening prayer
    • Readings (ordinarily the following using the “ABC” 3-year liturgical cycles, but subject to change by prayer leaders)
      • Old Testament
      • Responsorial Psalm
      • New Testament
      • Gospel
    • Dialogue homily (comments and reflections on the readings by prayer leaders and any attendees wishing to comment – no obligation to do so)
    • Prayers of the people
    • Communal offering
    • Offertory song
    • Eucharistic prayer
    • The Lord’s Prayer
    • Exchange of peace
    • Communion prayer
    • Communion (all are invited)
    • Communion meditation
    • Prayer after communion
    • Healing blessing for homebound communicants
    • Announcements and celebrations
    • Closing prayer
    • Final blessing
    • Closing song

Members and visitors are encouraged to participate throughout to the degree they feel comfortable and to feel free to ask the person next to them for guidance if anything is unclear.  Rest assured – mistakes and gentle humor are hallmarks of our services.

After the service concludes, we invite everyone to stay and enjoy treats and conversation over a cup of coffee.

To see a sample worship service prayer aid, please click here.

Worship Details

Our weekly worship services are held Sundays at 10AM. We recently transitioned to a mix of in-person services and Zoom services.  We encourage all to get fully vaccinated and boosted, if possible, as an act of compassion for others. If you are interested in participating in one of our Zoom prayer services, please email

Please join us for any scheduled in-person services in our home at 3306 University Avenue in Des Moines.

The building is located on the south side of University Ave. directly west of Impact Community Action Partnership (the former Des Moines Parks and Recreation building).

Parking Info

Parking lots can be accessed off of University Ave. (west of the building) and south of the building (go on Cottage Grove to 33rd St. and then go north 1/2 a block). Parking is also available in the Impact Community Action Partnership parking lot to the east or on nearby streets. Entrance to the building is on the south side facing the south parking lot.