Alternate First Reading: The Home of Transformation by Joyce Rupp from Prayer Seeds

“The Home of Transformation” by Joyce Rupp from Prayer Seeds

When the heart slowly sinks into the mire of unhappiness,
when the mind insistently whispers about could, must, should and ought,
when the voice of the less-than-whole self grows irritable and impatient
with the way people are, or are not,
and with the way I am, or am not, let it all be.
Move away.
Step aside.
Go to the inner dwelling place where the Christ-light flames endlessly.
Stand in the center of that Love,
untouched by ego-demands, societal failures,
shattered hopes and unfulfilled yearnings.

Walk past all that hinders kindheartedness from glowing steadily in my daily routines.
Move into the home of transformation, into that grace-filled, spacious vessel.
Be restored, repaired, renewed, regenerated.
Come forth with germinating hope, start again with less control, fewer anticipations,
and more peaceful receptivity in the container of mind and heart.

Welcome the weak, the hardened, the haughty,
the wounded, the burdened, the pained;
for each and every one of these persons
bears the reflection of my shadowed self,
my own glimpse of what is yet to purified
in the golden sphere of Christs love.

“The Home of Transformation” by Joyce Rupp