**Alternate** Second Reading: Excerpt from Teilhard De Chardin’s Mass on the World.

A reading from Teilhard De Chardin’s Mass on the World.

Once upon a time, humans took into your temple the first fruits of their harvest, the flower of their flocks.  But the offering you really want, the offering you mysteriously need each day to appease your hunger, to slake your thirst, is nothing less than the growth of the world borne ever onward in the stream of universal becoming.

Receive, O Lord, this all-embracing host which your whole creation, moved by your magnetism, offers you at this dawn of a new day.

This bread, our toil, is of itself, I know, but an immense fragmentation; this wine, our pain, is no more, I know, than a draught that dissolves.  Yet in the very depths of this formless mass you have implanted — and this I am sure of, for I sense it — a desire, irresistible, hallowing, which makes us cry out, believer and unbeliever alike,

“Lord, make us one.”

The Words of Teilhard De Chardin.