Second Reading: Philippians 1:20-24, 27

A reading from the letter of Paul to the Philippians.

I firmly trust and anticipate that I will never be put to shame for my hopes; I have full confidence that now as always Christ will be exalted through me, whether I live or die.  For to me, “life” means Christ; hence dying is only so much gain.  If, on the other hand, I am to continue living on earth, that means productive toil for me – and I honestly do not know which to prefer.  I am strongly attracted to both; I long to be freed from this life and to be with Christ,

for that is the far better thing; yet, it is more urgent that I remain alive for your sakes.

Conduct yourselves, then, in a way worthy of the Gospel of Christ. If you do, whether I come and see you myself or hear about your behavior from a distance, it will be clear that you are standing firm in unity of spirit and exerting yourselves with one accord for the faith of the Gospel.

The Word of God recorded in the letter of Paul to the Philippians.