*Alternate* First Reading: Excerpt from “At a House of Mourning”

An excerpt from At A House of Mourning

We need light when gloom darkens our home; to whom shall we look, if not the Creator of light? We need fortitude and courage when pain and loss assail us; where shall we find them, if not in the thought of the One who preserves all that is good from destruction?

Who among us has not passed through trials and bereavements? Some bear fresh wounds in their hearts, and therefore feel more keenly the kinship of sorrow.  Others, whose days of mourning are more remote, still recall the comfort that sympathy brought to their sorrowing hearts.

All things pass; all that lives must die. All that we prize is but lent to us, and the time comes when we must surrender it. We are travelers on the same road that leads to the same end.

A reading from At a House of Mourning.