*Alternate* Second Reading: By Eileen Caddy

By Eileen Caddy, co-founder of the Findhorn Foundation.

All the old must go and while this is taking place, the chaos and confusion will be terrible. But be not afraid at all of what you will witness in the days ahead. There will be mighty upheavals and then calm; complacency will creep in, a sense of false security, then a further upheaval even greater than the last; and so it will continue until it will look as if the whole world is being turned upside down. Again I say to you, do not become involved in this terrible chaos and confusion, but at the same time do not shut your eyes to it. Try to understand that without this drastic purging, the cleansing of the earth cannot take place. As all this is going on, your role is to send for Light and ever greater Light so that those who are of the Light are drawn to it.

The words of Eileen Caddy.

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