*Alternate* Third Readings by Peter Reinhart and Drew Jackson

From Peter Reinhart’s forward to By Bread Alone

As soon as the flour hits water, a series of transformations begins. I consider bread as the most iconic transformational food. Bread is a portal that can take us into the depths of what transformation means,
what it actually is. I’ve been obsessed with this notion of bread as the ultimate transformational food for many years now. As a baker, teacher and author of ten bread books, I always frame the process in terms of another definition I coined: the baker’s mission is to evoke the full potential of flavor trapped in the grain. Also, as a friend said:
“The baker makes the bread, the making of the bread transforms the baker.”

“Fish Fry” by Drew Jackson

Fried fish had always been a fixture in our gatherings. This unsung hero of family meals took on new purpose in keeping our bonds. Strong.

Ain’t nothing more down to earth, touching the dirt, than a fish fry. Only the real ones know. I’m talking about aunts with battered hands, covered with buttermilk, flour and cornmeal. Touch those hands and feel the evidence of love. There will be no doubt of how real the love is once that fish touches your lips. Throw on some hot sauce and you’ll insist that this is a Divine visitation.

The words of Peter Reinhart and Drew Jackson.

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