*Alternate* First Reading: Isaiah 63:16-17, 64:1, 3, 5a

You, God, are our avenger;
Our Redeemer Forever is Your name.
Why do You let us wander, O God, from Your ways,
and let our hearts grow too hard to fear You?
Return to us for the sake of Your children,
the tribes of Your heritage.
Oh, that You would rend the heavens and come down,
in Your presence the mountains would shake,
while You work miracles we could not hope for,
such as our ancestors had not heard from of old—
no ear has ever heard, no eye ever seen,
any God but You
doing such deeds for those who wait for You!
Would that You find us doing right,
that we were mindful of You in our ways!

The word of God recorded in the book of the prophet Isaiah.