*Alternate* Second Reading: Joan Chittister

No single name names God. Clearly, if God is really God, no one name can possibly hold all the allusions, say all the concepts, breathe in one breath all the qualities that are God. That awareness changes the way we see both God and life.

By naming God everything that makes God God, we come daily to see God differently, to see God wholly. More than that, by naming God the sum total of created goodness, we come to see the rest of life differently as well … We come to see every distinct moment of life, every gracious mortal being around us charged with that presence. We come to see that every facet of life — all of them, each of them — as glints of the Divine. We get a fuller picture of God. At the same time, we get a deeper understanding of the sacredness of a creation that shares in this divinity.

When we name God fully … we touch the divine dimensions of ourselves.

The words of Joan Chittister

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