Agreed that it is the policy of the DMIEC Council that the DMIEC Social Justice Committee has the authority to determine whether it will, in the name of the committee, publicly support and/or (co-)sponsor advocacy activities in the broader community, which are not inconsistent with DMIEC’s Policy on Lobbying and Political Activity.  In those instances in which the Social Justice Committee wants to publicly support and/or (co-)sponsor an advocacy activity, the committee will notify the Council in advance of the activity.  The notice should describe the activity, date, location, sponsor(s), the committee’s role, how the public policy involved in the event is related to the work of DMIEC, affirm that the activity is not one in support of or opposition to a specific political candidate, and certify that the committee has reviewed DMIEC’s Policy on Lobbying and Political Activity and determined that its support and/or (co-)sponsorship of the activity is not inconsistent with that Policy.  If any DMIEC member objects to the committee’s role regarding the activity, that member may contact the committee and, if not satisfied with the committee’s response, may notify the Council of the member’s dispute with the committee’s/ decision, to be resolved by the Council in accordance with Section 4.02 of the DMIEC By-Laws.