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The Young Women’s Resource Center will be the recipient of our First Sunday collection on August 1.

The Young Women’s Resource Center is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower participants to be strong, self-confident, and resilient. Each year the YWRC serves approximately 1,000 girls and young women* ages 10-24 throughout the Greater Des Moines community. The organization offers small group and individual support aimed at building self-esteem, healthy friendships/relationships, goal setting, and age-appropriate reproductive health. Young moms receive additional support focused on healthy pregnancy/childbirth, parenting, and life skills. The center includes an on-site food bank, snacks and/or meals during programs, transportation to and from groups, diapers and formula, on-site childcare during Young Moms groups, and a computer lab equipped with laptops and internet. All programs are offered free to these young women.

The funding from the DMIEC First Sunday collection will be used to complete the transformation of a restroom into a laundry room. Funds have been raised to purchase a washer and dryer, and another group has helped with the layout and design process. DMIEC donations will fund appliance installation and necessary supplies (detergent, laundry baskets, storage shelves, etc.). The laundry room will be used by staff (kitchen towels, blankets, and bibs used onsite, and donated clothing) and by program participants, as many don’t have home laundry facilities.

The YWRC defines girls and young women as anyone who has been socialized and/or identifies as female. This includes cisgender girls, cisgender women, transgender persons and non-binary individuals.

Learn more at www.ywrc.org


DMIEC, P.O. Box 30065, Des Moines, IA  50310

Checks can be written either to “Young Women’s Resource Center” or “DMIEC” with “First Sunday” in the memo line. 

We would prefer that all checks be mailed to DMIEC. If you mail your check directly to the organization, please inform Ed Arnold of the amount, if you feel comfortable, so the Social Justice Committee can get an accurate count of donations.

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