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Southwest Haiti was hit in August by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake that killed over 2,200 Haitians. Medical care collapsed amid damaged hospitals, too few doctors, and the spread of cholera and malaria. An estimated 53,000 homes were destroyed, 25,000 people displaced, 171 schools totally demolished and 566 damaged.

1.2 million Haitians were affected, including 500,000 children. Rain, floods and mudslides complicate humanitarian efforts in a country that is also in dangerous political turmoil after the death of the president.  Metal sheeting, tarps, food, water, and medical supplies are urgently needed to support daily needs of Haiti. Many live with no running water, electricity, jobs, and fear of kidnappings and extortion by gangs.

DMIEC supported Haiti after the last earthquake in 2009, when Sr. Mary came to talk with us. Nancy Hibbard, who worked with Sr. Mary and has worked and volunteered in Haiti a total of 34 years, will join us on Zoom to discuss the needs and the use of funding to support Haiti. No donated funds will go toward administrative costs.

Checks can be written either to “Portage Area Community Charitable Trust” (which is linked to St. Mary’s Church in Portage, WI) with “Haiti” in the memo line; or “DMIEC” with “First Sunday” in the memo line.  

DMIEC, P.O. Box 30065, Des Moines, IA 50310
Checks can be written either to “Portage Area Community Charitable Trust” or “DMIEC” with “First Sunday” in the memo line.
We would prefer that all checks be mailed to DMIEC. If you mail your check directly to the organization, please inform Ed Arnold of the amount, if you feel comfortable, so the Social Justice Committee can get an accurate count of donations.

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