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The recipient of the November 1 First Sunday collection will be NETWORK Advocates for Catholic Social Justice.  NETWORK Advocates (widely known for its Nuns on the Bus campaign that DMIEC’s own Hagedorn sisters participated in) is a Catholic leader in the global movement for justice and peace.  Advocates Teams connect spirit-filled justice seekers within a metropolitan area and empower them to act effectively for social change, working to develop and pass legislation that builds an economy of inclusion.

The teams:

  • work with NETWORK staff to build relationships with their members of Congress;
  • become well-versed in federal policies that support the common good;
  • develop organizing and leadership skills to strengthen a sense of community

Checks can either be written to “NETWORK Advocates” or “DMIEC” with “First Sunday” in the memo line.  We would prefer that all checks be mailed to DMIEC.  If you mail your check directly to the organization, please inform Ed Arnold of the amount, if you feel comfortable, so the Social Justice Committee can get an accurate account of donations.

For more information, please visit NETWORK Advocates’ website.

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