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The mission of Al Éxito is to accelerate Latinx youth’s academic achievement and leadership capacity through transformative opportunities for them and their families to fully participate and thrive in Iowa’s communities.  The broader vision of Al Éxito is to advance Iowa’s prosperity through Latinx excellence.

     Al Éxito is the only statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to this specific mission.  Al Éxito inspires, prepares, supports, and positions Latinx leaders, middle school through college, for postsecondary attainment, career readiness, and civic engagement. Al Éxito integrates culturally specific strategies to ensure Latinx youth have access to resources and opportunities and fosters Latinos’ collective influence to build a better future for our communities and state.

     Al Éxito’s goals are to provide Latinx students with programs and extensive support services that build knowledge, access, and opportunities to: 1) achieve higher education and career goals; 2) develop leadership and civic engagement skills to build equitable Latino representation; 3) nurture well-being through cultural identity development.

     Many of the afterschool youth are funded through foundations and grants, but Al Éxito has also created several opportunities for our students that are outside the grant funding, including summer intensive college residential camps, scholarships, and tutoring.  Al Éxito is looking to the DMIEC First Sunday collection to assist with operational costs to oversee and facilitate such programs.

     For further information, go to https://www.alexitoiowa.org.


DMIEC, P.O. Box 30065, Des Moines, IA  50310

Checks can be written either to “Al Éxito” or “DMIEC” with “First Sunday” in the memo line. 

We would prefer that all checks be mailed to DMIEC. If you mail your check directly to the organization, please inform Ed Arnold of the amount, if you feel comfortable, so the Social Justice Committee can get an accurate count of donations.

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