*Alternate* First Reading: From Ruth Frost’s Homes with Heart: Turning Living Spaces Into Loving Places

Speak the truth of your experience. To loved ones, speak the truth with love. To those in power, speak the truth with courage. To those who are afraid, speak the truth with compassion.

If we listen from our heart to the experiences of others, they will speak from the heart. We must strive to be transparent to ourselves and to others so that our inner and outer selves are in harmony.

Live in tune with your core values, but save some bending room. Trees need space to sway in order to thrive, and so do people.

We easily praise people for having the courage of their convictions. We seldom praise those who have the courage to change their convictions when they realize they were held at the expense of other people.

Many violent acts have been carried out in the name of a conviction. Our convictions are seldom completely pure. They require examination throughout life.

The words of Ruth Frost.