*Alternate* Gospel: Matthew 17:1-9

A reading from the Holy Gospel according to Matthew.

Six days later, Jesus took Peter, James, John and led them up on a high mountain where they could be alone.  Jesus was transfigured before their eyes, his face becoming as dazzling as the sun and his clothes as radiant as light.  Suddenly Moses and Elijah appeared to them conversing with Jesus.

Then Peter said, “Teacher, how good that we are here!  With your permission I will erect three booths here, one for you, one for Moses, and one for Elijah!”  Peter was still speaking when suddenly a bright cloud overshadowed them.  Out of the cloud came a voice which said, “This is my Own, my Beloved, on whom my favor rests. Listen to the word spoken.”  When they heard this, the disciples fell forward on the ground, overcome with fear.  Jesus came toward them and touched them, saying, “Get up!  Do not be afraid.”  When they looked up, they did not see anyone but Jesus.

As they were coming down the mountainside, Jesus commanded them, “Do not tell anyone of the vision until the day of resurrection.”

The Good News as spoken through Matthew.

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