Second Reading “The Lamb of God” by Donna Hendrix

In the stillness of a winter night
The earth received God’s Holy Light
An infant born to a young virgin girl

One tiny baby who would change the world
Birthed in a lowly barnyard stable
The King of kings who would enable
Born amid the cattle and sheep
The Lamb of God lay fast asleep

Wise men and kings traveled from afar
Led to this baby by the beautiful star
Shepherds were alerted by angels on high
The Savior is come; time to draw nigh

Angels filled the skies in glorious songs
Singing praises to Him all night long
Peace on earth and mercy mild
Came down to us in the form of a child

What a miracle for the world to see
Yet, many don’t believe He is our Savior to be
Many think the infant born in the stable
Is someone’s version of a long ago fable

Even those who walked with Him on earth
Doubted this man of the virgin birth
His wondrous miracles, compassion, and endless love
Were not proof enough for them that He came from above

This precious Christmas story is your saving grace
God’s gift of love to take sin’s place
He sent to this world His only begotten Son
This tiny Lamb of God; the Father’s will be done.

The words of Donna Hendrix.

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