First Reading: Isaiah 9:1-6

A reading from the book of the prophet Isaiah.

The people who walked in darkness
have seen a great light;
upon those who dwell in a land of gloom
the light has shone.
You have brought them abundant joy
and great rejoicing,
as they rejoice before you at the harvest,
as people make merry when dividing spoils,
For the yoke that burdened them,
the pole on their shoulders,
and the rod of their oppressor
you have smashed as at the defeat of Midian.
For every boot that tramped in battle,
every cloak rolled in blood,
will be burned as fuel for the fire.
For a child is born to us, an heir is given us;
upon whose shoulder dominion will rest.
They will name this one Wonder-Counselor, God-Hero,
Savior-Forever, Ruler of Peace.
This dominion – and this peace –
will grow without end,
on David’s judgment seat,
and over David’s realm,
confirmed and sustained with judgment and justice,
both now and forever.
The zeal of Our God of Hosts will do this!

The Word of God recorded in the book of the prophet Isaiah.