Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A *Alternate* First Reading


*Alternate* First Reading: “When Polarities Merge” by P.M.H. Atwater

“Life as always” is already a thing of the past. Our weather, our politics, our religions and belief systems, our behaviors and relationships are leveling out and shifting to another type of patterning. What worked before doesn’t work now. Can we handle the turn our world is taking?

We are indeed “at the doorstep” of a massive cycle of change that will affect each and every person. Polarities will merge at unexpected moments and for unpredictable periods of time (positive/negative, good/evil, bliss/danger) negating the faculty of discernment and we are shifting into higher dimensional reality.

This happened to me.

Everything went wrong each day (of my seven-day trip), to the extent that I was left nearly incoherent. Yet, everything went right that could go right each day, to the point the it seemed as if I had entered paradise and resided amongst angels.

The only thing I could do was release everything. I simply existed.

And in the simplicity of my existence I allowed all else to pass through me, to stay or slip by, irrespective of outcome or consequence. What existed played out its own story of what, why, where, when and how.

My safety lay in the total realness of my union with The God of My Being. Nothing else mattered.

The only thing I could do is release and allow.

So I say to you, release and allow.

I say to myself, release and allow.

What a wonderful and gracious difference that makes.

The words of P.M.H. Atwater.

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