Third Sunday of Easter Year A *Alternate* First Reading


*Alternate* First Reading: Psalm 118, interpreted by Christine Robinson

A reading from the Book of Psalms.

Give thanks to the Holy One, who is good
whose mercy endures forever.
I called on God in my distress
God answered my prayers
God is with me—therefore I am not afraid
Whatever happens will happen
God will be at my side
I will be strong.
People are fickle, society not very helpful
God is always present.
And all my fears and foolishness that buzz
and swarm in me like bees—
With God’s help I will calm them
for God is my strength and my song,
and my salvation.

Listen! Songs of Joy!

I have been astray and missing the mark
But I did not die of it—Here I am!
Open the gates of prayer for me.
Let me enter and give thanks.
That this stone which the builders rejected
has been shaped and put to use in the Temple walls.
On this day God has acted
I rejoice and am glad
I give thanks to God who is good—
whose mercy endures forever

The Word of God recorded in the Book of Psalms.