Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C *Alternate* Second Reading


*Alternate* Second Reading: Carrie Newcomer

The natural world reminds us that all is in motion and that “These are the days of miracle and wonder.” Even so, many of us feel unsettled and concerned. The pandemic continues to bring suffering, loss, and the disruption of our daily lives. The country still feels deeply divided and democracy feels precarious. These are real concerns and real challenges that we must and will continue to address.

But, for today, I gather courage and lean into a sustainable kind of hope — hope that is not diaphanous or just positive thinking. Today, I lean into the hope that grows from small and large daily actions. I bow my head in gratitude for all the people I know who live with a generosity of spirit, who keep extending kindness and hospitality, simply and unselfconsciously. I gather all that goodness for the new days ahead.

The words of Carrie Newcomer

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